All About Fashion Jewelry

1Jewelries made from artificial materials like metal and gemstones are called fashion jewelry. Trendy fashion jewelry can be made because it costs cheaper compared to jewelries made from rare metals and gems. A fashion jewelry can also contain semi-precious stones like amber, amethyst and aquamarine.

CZ or knows as Cubic zirconia can be found almost on every fashion jewelry. This crystal is optically flawless and colorless. It can be made in different colors depending on its usage. These gems are man-made which makes it cheap. It can be made to look like diamond, rubies and emeralds.

Another material commonly used are beads. They are usually made from plastic material which enables manufacturers to create unlimited designs.

The other materials used as accessory of the design are metal, wood and stone.

Fashion jewerly can last for quite some time if it is taken good care of. After you are finish using your fashion jewelry you need to wipe it with cloth before you store it. The oil you secrete from your body can cling on this jewelry and over time can reduce the glow as well as its glitter. Another thing that can affect its shine is perfume. Strong chemical reactions can damage the stones. Spray on your perfume before wearing your fashion jewelries.

For storing, you need a velvet cloth for protection. A cubic zirconia is not as scratch proof as a diamond. The diamond is the hardest substance on earth which means it rarely scratch and does not cloud up.

If taken good care of, visually it can come in close with other rare jewelries. In cleaning your fashion jewelry you will need to use a jewelry cloth to buff it. Be careful when buffing because it can loosen some stones if you rub it too hard.

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