Windows 10 Introduction – What To Expect In This New Operating System

Windows 10 came on on July 29, 2015, and the launch was a huge hit. A lot of PC users had high expectations and many were ready to switch. Now, the Operation system is not without flaw, but there are undeniable points that it rather is better compared to its predecessors. If you’re still not sure if the Windows 10 is right for you, then here are some of its features.

During its launch, they had this time period in which you could upgrade your Windows 7 and up to Windows 10 for free. Right, for free, so making the decision on switching back then wasn’t that hard. Today, however, people are having second thoughts, but if it truly is a better OS, then the price is definitely worth it. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s a no-brainer that the newer OS will have a longer Mainstream support. You’ll updates that’s supposed to enhance the Operating system, as well as support for reliability and security. Meaning you’re in good hands as long as Microsoft’s Mainstream support is still running for that specific OS.

Now let’s talk about speed. In all honesty, there’s nothing outstanding in with the Windows 10 speed performance when compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It is considered faster but only by a few margin. We’re talking about the overall performance here, from booting, game speed and application software. What’s impressive about it though is its virtual desktops and task view icon. The smooth transition between windows is on a whole new level. It gives this OS an efficiency that the old operating systems didn’t have.

Windows 10 provides its users a futuristic interface. There has been more software collaboration on this OS as compared to others. This OS operates on all Microsoft devices. From smartphones to personal computers. You will get more control on smartphones as it features Cortana. With this, you will have access to core commands that can handle pretty much handle all instructions through voice. You’ll have a flexible battery saver which can be tweaked to your preference. The updates also now go straight to your system once they are made available.

As for all new OS, it will take time getting used to. Testing it out first is a must before switching. Check out its compatibility with your software, hard drives, and hardware. If you encounter some errors you can always check Error Live for reference. With this, you will have a smooth transition and make full use of the features that Windows has to offer.