Taking Care Of Your Tactical Boots

Icombatbootsf you just purchase new tactical boots you’d want to know how to take good care of it. You will need to start breaking in your boots before you actually use it in work or combat. This allows you to make your feet familiar to the boots. You may use it immediately on work but you’d want to avoid any discomfort as well as distractions when you are dealing with something important. Breaking in the boots will allow the feet to be familiar with its different pressure points.

There are two types of boots which require different methods of cleaning:

Suede Boots

Suede boots need brush to clean it. Brush it lightly. Using water can damage it. You can use water if you are going to remove some spot stains.

Full-Grain Leather

Mix water with a water based detergent while using a shammy to clean your leather boots. Let the boots dry then buff it with a polishing cloth.

To make your boots last longer you’d want to water proof it. Most boots on the market today are already waterproofed, but you’d want an extra protection now and then. For a full-grain leather boot, you will need to use a waterproofing gel. Simply rub it in the boots and let it dry for a few moments. You will need to wipe away the excess gel after it has dried.

For suede boots, you will need a waterproofing spray. Some require several coating for best results.

Remember to include the sole of your boots regardless what kind of waterproofing agent you are using. Take note that some waterproofing will darken the color of your boots.

Cleaning and breaking in your tactical boots mean you have one less worry when you are in your job. When your boots are causing issues or blisters you may want to replace it immediately.

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